Gibeon Meteorite Rollerball


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Solid Engraved Stainless Steel and Titanium featuring a Gibeon meteorite body overlay

Please note: This Gibeon Meteorite has a few small inclusions, these appear as dark spots/blotches and are normal. The Widmanstätten pattern will vary slightly between pieces, as will the presence of inclusions. Inclusions are dark spots or tiny holes on the surface of the meteorite that are often traces of metals that, in some cases, do not occur naturally on earth. These inclusions are an important clue to the meteorite’s origin and are identifiers of its authenticity. Even though most Meteorite will not exhibit these inclusions, it is important that it not be rejected when it does. In some cases after a client understands the true nature of Meteorite, they request a piece that exhibits some of these characteristics. It helps them identify it as their own and it reinforces that it came from space and no two pieces are alike.


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